Clinical Anatomy Consultations: Improving Patient Care

What we do to help clients?

The Seattle Science Foundation engages with clients to tackle their most challenging issues, drives change and delivers customized solutions to meet your needs. Our facility engages physicians and other professionals to help answer any anatomical questions with the bottom line of improving patient care.


Surgical and Technological Innovations

From our 21 station, fresh tissue, cadaveric operating suite, we partner with various surgical and clinical specialties to develop innovative teaching methods that enable surgeons and clinicians to practice new invasive procedures on cadaveric models. In addition, we work with industry to improve surgical instruments, approaches, devices and technologies in order to improve patient care. Cadaveric models can be designed per partner request e.g., vessel injections, vessel perfusions, lung ventilation.

Translational Research

In our anatomical cadaveric research facility, medical and surgical problems are examined and alternative anatomical solutions developed to solve various issues that face clinicians, surgeons and other professionals alike. The Seattle Science Foundation boasts a large group of anatomical and clinical fellows from partnering medical centers who together are helping change the way we move forward with our understanding of human anatomy. This collaborative research and subsequent discoveries in our research facility have resulted in over 100 peer-reviewed publications per year from the Foundation in major medical journals as well as the publication of many clinical/ surgical textbooks. Additionally, the Seattle Science Foundation houses the editorial office of the journal Clinical Anatomy (the official journal of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists). Physicians have used our facility/resources/research paradigm to decrease morbidity for their patients.

Anatomical Consultations

We are honored to work with Dr. R. Shane Tubbs who serves as Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Seattle Science Foundation. Dr. Tubbs is a world-renowned anatomist and editor-in-chief for the journal Clinical Anatomy. For over two decades, he has taught anatomy to medical, dental and health related students as well as residents from multiple surgical subspecialties. Dr. Tubbs has strong research interests and has authored over 1,000 peer reviewed publications including multiple books such as Nerves and Nerve Injuries, Gray’s Clinical Photographic Dissector of the Human Body, Gray’s Anatomy Review, A History of Human Anatomy, Netter’s Introduction to Clinical Procedures, and The Chiari Malformations. He is also an editor for Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy editions 5, 6, and 7. Dr. Tubbs is a new editor for the prestigious and now 150-year-old Gray’s Anatomy. The focus of his anatomical research is how cadaveric studies can lower surgical and clinical complications and improve patient care. He has served as visiting professor to many institutions and sits on the editorial boards of over 20 clinical and anatomical journals and has acted as a reviewer for greater than 100 journals. He has worked with physicians and other professionals on a wide array of clinical problems/questions.

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