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The Transradial Approach - A Case-Based and Hands-On Approach

This course will provide attendees with in-depth education and training on the fundamentals of the transradial access technique. Information will be imparted through hands-on anatomical review of the upper extremity vasculature and hands-on radial artery access practice using cadaveric specimens connected to a perfusion model that allows participants to locate the radial artery upon feeling for a palpable pulse. Once the artery is located, the perfusion model allows attendees to practice gaining proper vascular access, inserting wires and sheaths, and advancement techniques. In addition, attendees will also participate in radial simulator training, direct observation of cases in the cath lab, breakout sessions and roundtable discussions. Live cases will be broadcast from the cath lab, and case presentations and didactic lectures on epidemiology, pharmacology, technique and equipment will be given by expert faculty members.