“I wanted to go back to school and I kind of felt like a health science related field seemed like something I wanted to get into. I started off with taking Anatomy because I knew that was the most basic class I had to take and at Colorado University they have a cadaver lab, which I didn’t know about when I signed up, and on the first day I just knew, I was like ‘This is it. Any sort of other plans are going out the window. This is what I have to do.’ Myself and one of my friends at CU followed SSF on Instagram and we’d always chat back and forth about different videos that SSF would post and we just loved them because they’re the most informative videos out there, the most interesting and exciting, and the easiest ones to understand. One summer night I was on SSF’s instagram and I saw they’re doing an Anatomy Bootcamp and so I dropped everything I was doing and went for that week and fell in love with what SSF did, obsessively. Now I’m a clinical anatomy fellow here. I think when you learn about anatomy you learn about yourself. At the end of the day I’m just learning about my own body and the different parts that all work together. The most amazing thing is that we have billions and billions of little pieces that all work together and most times it doesn’t go wrong. That’s beautiful. Anatomy brings in science and medicine and history. It brings so many different worlds together. Haven’t we always wondered what’s underneath us, what’s in us; to be able to explore that first hand never gets old for me.”

Charlotte - Boulder, CO