My brother has been very sick for the last ten years and was very sick while I was in med school, so that definitely drove me to work harder and study harder. I remember days and nights where I’d get calls about how my brother is doing and I’d get very emotional, but in the back of my head I knew I had to keep going. If I let this bog me down I knew there’d be no way I could study for these exams or finish them. I don’t see many things as obstacles but I just see it as something you have to do. The more hard things you go through, the more challenging your life is, the more difficulties you have to go through along the way it just makes you stronger and you can push through bigger things in the future. Being in the hospital you see what impact the doctor has on the family and the patient. Every patient that comes through has their own backstory they have their own families, their own lives going on, so every person is like an entire book. That’s why I want to be a doctor because I can interact with this person 1 on 1 and read this book.