“I’m 20 years old and I want to be a doctor, but one of the biggest struggles I face is that there are not many women of color in the field I want to pursue. I think one of the most important things to me as a doctor wouldn’t be the science itself behind the medicine but more understanding the struggle and suffering the patient is going through. Both of my parents have chronic conditions so that has helped me realize that it’s not always about getting better but about understanding that suffering and helping them get through it. In twenty years I would hope that a women in my position now wouldn’t feel intimidated and that she’d feel like she has a source of support through her professional journey. Being a doctor is really hard and it’s important to feel like you have a place in that community. While I may be one of few in my intended focus, one of my greatest rolemodels once told me, 'if you're not feeling a little bit of imposter syndrome', you're not challenging yourself enough. This saying has always pushed me to think bigger and do better, and my fellowship here has been one of my greatest avenues to do so.”