Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are elegantly designed and appointed to accommodate both large and small groups in a comfortable setting. Access to SSF’s sophisticated communications system allows for teleconferencing from these rooms to remote locations or to any other location within the facility.


The Library is appointed with comfortable furniture, fireplace, and large windows looking out to Washington’s beautiful Cascade mountain range, making it an ideal place to relax or do a little work. SSF’s signature high definition screens allow course participants to monitor events even from this location. Wireless access is available throughout.


Dining AreA

The Dining Area can seat 30 guests comfortably, or can transform into a classroom for smaller groups. One entire wall is a white board that accommodates impromptu creative effort and small breakout groups. Catering is also available.


Restrooms provide comfortable changing areas as well as toiletries and shower and locker facilities. Scrubs are provided for use in the Bioskills lab.

Sterilization Room

A hospital grade sterilization room contains a washer/disinfector unit and steam autoclave for on-site cleaning of instrumentation and endoscopic equipment.