• Your Heart
    Justin McCory Martin Science
    Vocabulary reader for emergent readers.
  • Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body 
    Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen 
  • See Inside Your Body 
    Katie Daynes & Colin King 
  • How Does Your Heart Work?
    Don L. Curry 
  • The Heart: Our Circulatory System
    Seymour Simon
    Written specifically for grades 3-5.
  • The Heart: The Questions and Answers Book for Kids
    J. Willis Hurst
    Based on a real question-and-answer session between heart expert J. Willis Hurst, his 10-year-old grandson, Stuart.


  • Rhythm, Rhyme, Results - Circulatory System - Video
  • Science Rock (part of Schoolhouse Rock Collection): “The Body Machine”, “Do the Circulation”
  • Health and Safety Songs by Healthy Start Publishing: “Pumping Up the Heart Beat” Also available as a printable book