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Spinal Cord Atlas

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Cure for Paralysis Benefit

Fellowship Program

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Netter's Surgical Procedures Course

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A New Space of the Face: The Buccomandibular Space

To our knowledge, no pathway to the oral cavity from the buccal space has ever been described, although such a pathway explains some infectious routes. Therefore, the aim of the present study is to clarify the relationship among the mimetic muscles attached to the mandible, the fissure and the buccal space.

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Potential Mechanism for Some Postoperative C5 Palsies

Shoulder depression is often used during cervical spine surgery. In cadavers, shoulder depression causes significant tension and displacement of the C5 nerve rootlets, and in the extreme, cord displacement to the ipsilateral side. This could be a mechanism for injury, putting patients at greater risk for postoperative C5 palsy.

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Variations of the Accessory Nerve

Additional anatomical knowledge of the variants of the accessory nerve may benefit patient care when this nerve is pathologically involved. 

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Sciatic Nerve Intercommunications: New Finding

To our knowledge, neural interconnections between the divisions of the sciatic nerve in the posterior thigh have not been described in the extant literature. Such data might help explain unusual neurologic examinations and alert the surgeon as to the potential for encountering such connections at operation.

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Gray's Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice

After more than 150 years of continuous publication, Gray’s Anatomy remains the definitive, comprehensive reference on the subject, offering ready access to the information you need to ensure safe, effective practice.


Gray’s Clinical Photographic Dissector of the Human Body

This unique dissection guide uses full-color photographs rather than anatomical drawings to orient you more quickly in the lab, and points out the clinical significance of each structure and every dissection you make.


Surgical Anatomy of the Lumbar Plexus

This is the only book on the market devoted to the lumbar plexus and its branches, focusing on anatomy and clinical applications, pathology, surgery, and imaging. 


Bergman's Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation

With both new and updated entries, and now illustrated in full color, the encyclopedia provides an even more comprehensive reference on human variation for anatomists, anthropologists, physicians, surgeons, medical personnel, and all students of anatomy.