SNI Brain Anatomy Course with Neurosurgical Applications

March 20 - 21, 2015

The Swedish Neuroscience Institute Applied Neuroanatomy & Physiology Course is specifically designed for talented mid-level and senior neurosurgical Residents as well as Fellows interested in improving their understanding of the interface between neuro-anatomy and surgical patient management.  This year’s course will focus on how in-depth knowledge of brain anatomy and physiology can be used to effectively treat disorders of the brain from Brain Tumors to Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease to Essential Tremor, or other functional disorders. We will explore the use of functional mapping, advanced imaging, and intraoperative tools such as iCT, frame based and frameless navigation.  Deep brain stimulation techniques, endoscopy, focused ultrasound and laser ablation techniques will also be discussed.

There are other courses for training of neurosurgery residents and fellows, but they tend to be very basic in their scope.  This course will address many of the chronic deficiencies seen in neurosurgical training programs such as applied intra-operative neurophysiology, Epilepsy surgery, and deep brain stimulation.  In addition, we offer a breadth of supplementary didactic education as well as two unique features not available at all other courses.  We offer 3 dimensional anatomical lecture series presented in concert with operative techniques that are second to none, presented by a master in the field, Dr. Guilherme Ribas. We offer the residents and fellows the unique opportunity to practice techniques in the bioskills lab using all of the tools that would be at their disposal in the operating room. One of the particularly valuable aspects of the Swedish Neuroscience Institute course is the high level of expertise and access to cutting edge technology available within the Swedish program.

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