Alexander Monro Tertius and his works on hydrocephalus

Tubbs, R.S., Tubbs, I., Loukas, M., Oakes, W.J., 2015o. Alexander Monro Tertius and his works on hydrocephalus. Childs Nerv Syst 31, 351–353. doi:10.1007/s00381-014-2466-8



The Monros of the University of Edinburgh reigned over anatomy instruction for over a century. The last of these men, Monro Tertius, was the weaker teacher of the family but still contributed to the anatomical and surgical literature. Herein, we describe the life of Alexander Monro Tertius and his writings, particularly on childhood hydrocephalus.


Monro Tertius will not be remembered as a great anatomist or teacher. However, he collected and published important books on his observations and those of others on hydrocephalus. These texts contained the knowledge of his era on this topic.