Five Common Clinical Presentations in the Elderly: An Anatomical Review

Collin PG, Oskouian RJ, Loukas M, D'Antoni AV, Tubbs RS.Five Common Clinical Presentations in the Elderly: An Anatomical Review.Clin Anat. 2016 Aug 25. doi: 10.1002/ca.22771.


Elderly patients face distinct health challenges and have an increased demand for specific medical procedures. As the aging population continues to increase, age-associated conditions such as congestive heart failure, hip fractures, spine degeneration, dementia and airway compromise will increase in prevalence and procedures to correct these conditions will be increasingly performed. A clear understanding of the clinical anatomy of these diseases and procedures is imperative for anatomists and clinicians alike in order to best treat patients and continue to advance aging research and better teach future medical practitioners about the specific anatomy often involved in this group. The aging process mirrors in a variety of ways the common pathologies of the elderly, but it is key to draw the distinction between normal aging and pathology, particularly for congestive heart failure and dementia, in the clinical setting. This article aims to review the common presentations or procedures of the elderly and how the normal aging process is associated with the anatomy of these conditions or complications. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.