Seattle Science Foundation

Visiting Scholar Program

The Seattle Science Foundation (SSF) Visiting Scholars Program is a six-week program that is intended to provide on-site research and medical education training as well as clinical observation.

Peer Review Publication

Each Visiting Scholar has an opportunity to collaborate with the Seattle Science Foundation on a variety of collaborative research projects and subsequent discoveries. On average, the SSF produces over 100 peer-reviewed publications per year in major medical journals and publishes numerous clinical/ surgical textbooks

Clinical Anatomy Research

In our anatomical research facility, Visiting Scholars are able to receive over 144 hours of clinical anatomy research. Under the leadership of Dr. R. Shane Tubbs, medical and surgical problems are examined and alternative anatomical solutions developed to solve various issues that face clinicians and surgeons alike.

Medical Education

Visiting Scholars are able to participate in a variety of high-end continuing medical education courses in our state-of-the-art facility. Participants can expect to receive over eight hours of medical education training.

O.R. Observations

In partnership with our physician leaders, Visiting Scholars are able to observe a variety of surgical procedures throughout the six week program.

How to Apply

The SSF Visiting Scholars Program is open to all medical and scientific professionals.
No prerequisite background in dissection is required. 

Program Fee:    $10,000 USD/Participant

For more information, please contact Katie Brooks at