R. Shane Tubbs, Ph.D., PA-C, MSc

Chief Scientific Officer
Seattle Science Foundation


Dr. Tubbs is an anatomist and editor‐in‐chief for the journal Clinical Anatomy. For two decades, he has taught anatomy to medical, dental and health related students as well as residents and in particular, neurosurgery residents. Dr. Tubbs has strong research interests and has authored over 1,000 peer reviewed publications including multiple books such as Nerves and Nerve Injuries, Gray’s Clinical Photographic Dissector of the Human Body, Gray’s Anatomy Review, A History of Human Anatomy, Hamilton’s History of Medicine and Surgery, and The Chiari Malformations. He is also an editor for Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy editions 5, 6, and 7. Dr. Tubbs is a new editor for the prestigious and now 150‐year‐old Gray’s Anatomy. The focus of his anatomical research is how cadaveric studies can lower surgical complications and improve patient care. He has served as visiting professor to several institutions and sits on the editorial boards of over 20 clinical and anatomical journals and has acted as a reviewer for greater than 100 journals. 

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