Featured SSF News

The Seattle Science Foundation is pleased to announce a new addition to our amazing team! Watch the video to find out who!

Surgical Approaches to the Fourth Ventricle Tutorial was presented by Johnny Delashaw, M.D. at the Seattle Science Foundation for the 6th Annual Swedish Neuroscience Institute Brain Anatomy with Neurosurgical Application Course for Residence and Fellows. 

An Anatomical Tour of the Craniocervical Junction was presented by R. Shane Tubbs, Ph.D., PA-C at the Seattle Science Foundation for the 3rd Annual One Spine Masters Course. 

We have attracted a world-class faculty who are truly experts in the field of robotic urology and they will be sharing the latest advances in renal and prostate robotics. Three (3) live robotic surgeries are planned which promise to be educational and provide the ideal forum for questions and answers.

Dr. Matt Kaeberlein is an American biologist and biogerontologist best known for his research on evolutionarily conserved mechanisms of aging. He is currently an Associate Professor of Pathology at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Kaeberlein presented "Healthy Aging: The Ultimate Preventative Medicine" at the semi-monthly Spine Conference held at the Seattle Science Foundation.

Live Transradial Access Case #3 was performed by R. Jeffery Wescott, M.D. at the Seattle Science Foundation in conjunction with Swedish Hospital for The Transradial Approach: A Case-Based and Hands-On Training Course.